In honour of the Centenary of Latvia, the Latvian Institute has published a new fact sheet with the title "Latvia. The Greenovative Country".


The new fact sheet gives an overall insight into the Latvian society, its characteristic lifestyle, roots and traditions, at the same time also emphasizing the spirit for innovation and creativity. The term “greenovative” – the combination of words “green” and “innovative” – nicely illustrates the desired course of development in Latvia and the society: the closeness to nature and ability to get inspired by it, as well as the tendency to look for ever new, modern and sustainable solutions, becoming an important hotspot for start-ups in Europe. “According to entrepreneurs, students and experts, it is exactly this greenovative and creativity aspect that attracts them to our Latvia,” says Aiva Rozenberga, Director of the Latvian Institute.


The factsheet is available online here. For the printed versions, please contact us at